This is my first letter to you in a long time…almost a year. Actually, this is not entirely true. I have written some half letters and they are lying in my documents folder. I just haven’t gotten around to posting them because I edit stories for a living and I have edited myself into this situation.

Many things have prevented me from writing to you. One of them is the fact that you are not the only one going to read these letters and every once in a while we all get scared of this thing called social media. I worry about how much I am documenting and if I am preempting fate in some way. I do not know if that makes sense because I like to believe the biggest part of me is not superstitious, but I am my mother’s daughter you see.

Anyway, 2017 is supposed to be a year of greatness. I said it at the start so I could psych myself up. But there’s a part of me that wants to panic and say “Oh my Goodness!! It is nearly the middle of the year! 20 BLOODY 18 is upon us and What have I accomplished??? NOTHING!!!”

Instead here is what I will say.

  • I am alive (I have grown to appreciate this a lot more lately because death has never seemed more real).
  • I am healthy (even if I haven’t run more than 80km this year. I should have run 360km by the end of the year)
  • I have not drank alcohol in over two months (I have not quit though do not worry I just haven’t gotten around to it and I haven’t died )
  • I have read 11 of the 36 books I have challenged myself to read this year (because I need to sound lucid when I write to you).
  • I have learnt how to sew shorts (because my grandma said she never quite got around to trousers and I am trying)
  • I am excited because I think something is about to change and I do not even know what it is but it had better be good.

This is what I am yet to do;

  • Set specific days to write to you so that this is less sporadic (Say every second Thursday at 8 am?)
  • Learn how to sew a crop top/bodice (without cheating)
  • Change something
  • Grow


I still can’t wait to meet you 🙂